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Welcome to the Sasha Hospital. We specialise in Sasha Dolls and can cure your doll of a variety of common ailments. All makes of Vinyl Dolls are welcome. Please look at the Medical page to see what we can do for your doll, and the Patients page to see before and after pictures

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Email Lisa giving a brief description of the problem, with photo, for estimate of cost, time-scale etc.

If you have any make of Vinyl Doll other than a Sasha Doll, including recent Gotz dolls, Sylvia Natterer dolls, Holly, fashion dolls like Sindy etc. please email Lisa for advice regarding Restringing, Repaints, Reroots, Stain Removal, Hair Conditioning ... and more.
For example, we can Restring: Gotz Sarah and Anna; Gotz Jessica, Elizabeth and Julia, these dolls have vinyl limbs and head and a skintone fabric torso; Sylvia Natterer dolls.
See the Medical page to see what we can do for your doll.

All postage and insurance costs are the responsibility of the owner.

Please make sure dolls are sent in packaging suitable for returning them to you once restrung. A Sasha doll will require a box at least 16" long. A Sarah/ Hannah/ American Girl will require a box at least 18" long. If dolls are not sent in suitable packaging there will be an additional charge for this.

Please note that due to import/export technicalities we are only able to accept patients from within the UK and European Union.

How To Pay

Please discuss Payment with Lisa.

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send mail to lisa@lisasdolls.uk with queries about this web site.

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